From upcoming record, “ELECTRIC”
Written, engineered & produced by Will Golden // Ian Ball // Natalie Angiuli
Mixed by Noah Passovoy at Conway Studios in Los Angeles
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood

Synth moments of genius by Michael Tritter
Drum kit by Michael Jerome
Recorded at the Chalet (*except drums, with engineer Clay Blair at Boulevard Recording Studios in Hollywood)

Album art direction & illustration by Kristine Thune
Photography by Betsy Newman
Special thanks to Webber Noronha


So you made the final call
Cut the rope and watch me fall
Have a ball with your newfound freedom
Call your friends, you’re gonna need ‘em
someday soon

You’ll wake up with a sober heart
make your bed, and fall apart
How could you be oversleeping
through the girl that you’ve been dreaming of?
My love, that’s rough

But i couldn’t take you back (i got a taller spine than that)
and nobody has to take sides

Shake it out and walk it off
not a game, but it’s your loss
Thought for sure that it was your season
Looked around and found your team gave up
My love, that’s rough

But I couldn’t take you back (I gotta own my time at bat)
and nobody has to waste time
I couldn’t take you back
we’ve already had to fake smiles.

You’re always so dramatic when you tell me i’m dramatic
but this time it sounds different when you say you’ve really had it
(I’m not getting my baby back)
You know what? It’s pathetic how you’re always apathetic
So what if i’m hysterical? it can’t be all that terrible
You need to learn to let it go, anyway
and stop believing when your friends say:

“She’ll always be the chaser
you’re never gonna change her
you might as we’ll erase her” —
but they were wrong

I’m done being the chaser
but you’ll always be a changer
so let’s do ourselves a favor
and just move on

And nobody has to take sides
And nobody has to waste time

I’ll do us both a favor
Yeah, you can be a changer
But i’m done being a chaser
I’m done being a chaser

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my friend Natalie (you’ve heard her on Squaresville-her song “Sunshine” was at the end of “Hottest of Messes”) has her first single off her new album out so go throw money at her on itunes xo

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2. Arty – Up All Night (Extended Mix)
3. Max Vangeli & Danny Ray – Bang The Drumz
4. Ummet Ozcan – SMASH
5. DubVision – Backlash (Martin Garrix Edit)
6. D-wayne & Leon Bolier – Detonate
7. Chris Lake – Squeak
8. Sandro Silva & Arston – Symphony
9. Tom Staar & Ansolo – Totem
10. Fyor & Sex Panther – Spade
11. Afrojack ft. Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix)
12. Benny Benassi – Let This Last Forever (Florian Picasso Remix)
13. Joey Dale & Ares Carter ft. Natalie Angiuli – Step Into Your Light 
14. Apster & Ariyan – Drum It
15. David Guetta – Lovers On The Sun ft. Sam Martin (Showtek Remix)
16. Loudan & Regoton – Zen (Club Mix)
17. Unknown ft. Trevor Guthrie - Soundwave

heard my voice was all up on Tiësto's #ClubLifeRadio via SiriusXM Radio 340, thanks to DJ Baggi Begovic (baggage claim ep 48, if you wanna catch the replay) —> y’all better be turning up to those XM dance stations right about now.

(thanks baggi, for the spin!)

reminder: #StepIntoYourLight with Ares Carter & Joey Dale is out now via Armada Music & Zouk Recordings on iTunes/Beatport/Spotify! Currently #32 on Beatport Progressive House Charts, moving up! 



new dance collaboration with Joey Dale & Ares Carter.




so this one’s especially cool because Joey Dale worked the track from the Netherlands, Ares Carter worked the track more from NYC, and I wrote the top line/recorded in LA… a truly international effort! and this week, over 100,000+ people around the whole world heard this song just on the internet- and now, your turn!

also, i usually don’t write happy music. this one is pretty happy. i wrote it as a message to myself during a hard time. 

some lyrics: 

somedays, your world falls out of focus

bending your light, but you’re not broken.

keep looking up,

reaching for the blue skies,

you’ll feel the rush

breathing in a new high

Joey Dale & Ares Carter feat. Natalie Angiuli - Step Into Your Light

Release date: July 28th

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While the term ‘feel good tune’ is thrown around all too often, every now and again a record comes along that achieves this nearly impossible feat. The melody of ‘Step Into Your Light’ is pure energetic fire, while never being cheesy. Natalie Angiuli matches the tone perfectly with her sweet vocals, and the result is one of those magical moments that many could attempt, but very few could pull off.

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